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With Maïa, we facilitate the integration of Canadian women-owned businesses into supply chains.

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Maia event - MAiapreneure_EN

Virtual networking for female entrepreneurs across Canada

July 25 - 11 AM to 12 PM - French
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Discovery Workshop for Buyers of Inclusive Procurement

July 18 - 11 AM to 12 PM - Bilingual (French and English)
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Information Session for Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs

August 16 - 11 AM to 12 PM - English
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Maia Platform

A unique web platform in Canada for the growth of women-owned businesses

We connect Canadian women entrepreneurs with large corporations to increase business opportunities and contribute to a more inclusive economy.


Interest Notice Database:

Access a variety of tenders, project calls, and direct agreements. Submit proposals and respond to them, whether you are a buyer or a supplier.


Advanced Search and Filtering:

Find opportunities that perfectly match your needs by filtering search results by industry sector, type of request, geographic region, and potential industrial application.


Detailed Company Profiles:

Create a comprehensive profile for your company, highlighting your skills, areas of interest, and specific needs.


Algorithmic Matching:

Our sophisticated algorithm instantly connects you with potential partners who meet your criteria, maximizing your chances of successful collaborations.

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Maia Lab

Take our training: virtual, asynchronous - at your own pace

Deepen your knowledge of supplier diversity.

We support the development of the great movement of supplier diversity in Canada. What do you stand to gain by taking our lessons? Understand and implement new practices that can lead to fruitful collaborations where innovation meets inclusion. 


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Module 1: Foundations of supplier diversity


Niveau 1: Implémenter la diversité des fournisseurs dans votre chaîne d'approvisionnement

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We create opportunities for tomorrow. Let's collectively invest in supplier diversity as a solution for an inclusive economy.

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Basic Principles of Supplier Diversity

Maïa's impact

The RFAQ launches the Maïa Web platform to promote the growth of women-owned businesses

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The Maïa project is powered by the Quebec Business Women's Network (RFAQ) and is funded by the Strategy for Women in Entrepreneurship (SFE), an initiative of the Government of Canada.


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