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Inclusive Approach

Who are our Initiatives for?

Maïa is an innovative project designed to create synergy between Canadian women entrepreneurs and major companies in Canada. Based on our experience, we know that a successful partnership is forged when both parties harmonize their voices and objectives. The Maïa project embodies this synergy by deploying innovative initiatives aimed at energizing and strengthening the capabilities of Canadian women entrepreneurs while offering valuable collaboration opportunities with major companies.

The initiatives of the Maïa project include training programs, networking events, mentoring sessions, and collaboration platforms that enable women entrepreneurs to develop their skills and access new markets. By facilitating these interactions and providing tailored resources, Maïa helps create an environment conducive to the growth and success of women entrepreneurs in Canada.

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Supporting Canadian Women Entrepreneurs

The Maïa project, in full swing, will soon unveil its tools, training dates, and more.

Inspire 5000 entrepreneurs across Canadian provinces to explore opportunities to access corporate markets.


Successfully train and guide 750 entrepreneurs, including 200 from diverse backgrounds, in integrating into the supply chains of large corporations.


Equip entrepreneurs to propel the growth of their businesses.

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Educating and Inspiring Large Enterprises.

The Maïa project, in full swing, will soon unveil its tools, training dates, and more.


Mobilize and engage 50 medium and large enterprises to position them as key drivers of innovation in responsible procurement.


Persuade large enterprises of the benefits of a diversified supplier portfolio by directing them towards women-owned businesses


Enhance the resilience of supply chains by promoting equity and inclusion in business opportunities.

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Connect to a National Network Spanning Across Canada!

Maïa Inclusive Growth shines in all provinces of Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as in the federal territories: Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon.

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Building New Business Connections.

The Maïa project is flourishing; stay informed about upcoming tools, training dates, and developments.


Create an integrated web platform with:

  • Tender and invitation-only offer submissions
  • A directory of women-owned businesses
  • A showcase page to promote their products and services
  • Streamlined search and networking through artificial intelligence

Optimize the search for new suppliers to enhance brand reputation by highlighting diversity initiatives.


Build a community of practices among Canadian women entrepreneurs through a virtual platform.